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Welcome to JstCarry Version 2.0

We have updated the website for our Valorant Team "JstCarry"! You can read here which updates we have made and what happened.

Unfortunately, the team has had a rough start. With 5 consecutive losses, this Premier Season started badly. But even though this all is happening, the team is growing and we started initializing a practice plan where we meet multiple times a week to train and talk about our strats. We are still certain that we will win and take home the title of Premier Champions. Thanks for every possible support and help from everyone watching us.

The team also changed out some players. The player Beans, unfortunately, left after the first day of the matches because of him not feeling the connection to the rest of the team. We all still wish him a great time! The player Revolution didn't give a specific reason for leaving, but we all understand the stress that comes with playing in a low-tier Valorant Team. We still wish him the best of luck in the future, of course. The players that replaced them are: Jay aka. Ziggy. He was one of the OG players of JstCarry playing with the team in the Beta phase of Premier and now joining back to the team to completely demolish the enemies. Hippo is a saint for instantly joining after being asked and being completely invested in the team. Let's hope we will have a great journey together.

Now let's get to the updates of the website itself. - We have updated the player banners to include the new players on the roster - Players' main characters and rank are shown in a more comfortable and easy-to-understand way - Player banners now include a graph of the most recent 6 matches to see their personal changes in rank more conveniently - Hovering over the players' profile picture now includes a list of links to their social media channels (Players with no socials don't want to share more information) - You can now see the time of the next match the team is going to play - By clicking on the location button, you can change the time to the location that is most fitting for your location - If a match should be live, the time shows how long the channel is going to be live and a "Watch Live" button will appear next to the location button - You can now see a match history of our played matches

Please let me know your opinion of the recent changes and let me know if you have any feature wishes you would like to see.

Do you like the updates?

  • Yes! Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  • Not really (Please let me know why this is the case)

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