My other projects

As well as streaming every day, I'm also getting my Bachelor of Arts right now! In the last 3 years, I've been learning how games work and how to make games myself. In that time I made 1 project and I wanted to show you that project here.

The story

I've been learning how to make games since October 2019. Starting back then, I knew that I needed to make a game as an end project at some point. I was brainstorming what exactly I wanted to make. After testing out some things in Unreal Engine itself and figuring out how to actually build a proper game, I decided to start the work on my final project.

Long story short, after working on the project for 3 months, I lost all of my data through a fatal Windows Error that made me need to reinstall Windows completely. And that 2 weeks before the deadline.

I'm not completely proud of the game I've made, but I did all of this in 2 weeks. I hope you like it though. I might work more on it in the future. :)



The game